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June 2015: ROPPA Workshop in Dakar

June 2015 ROPPA Workshop in Dakar

This Worshop, was co-organized by ROPPA (Réseau des Organisations Paysannes et des Producteurs Agricoles de l'Afrique de l'Ouest, Network of Peasant Organizations and Agricultural Producers in West Africa), CSA (Collectif Stratégies Alimentaires, Brussels) and PAEPARD (Platform for African European Partnership on Agricultural Research for Development, EU).

50  participants representing 9 countries (Bénin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Gambie, Guinée,Mali, Niger, Sénégal, Togo) attended this workshop, coming from the main Farmers’ Organizations (FOs) of West Africa as well as from some governmental institutions, notably from Senegal.

During this workshop presentations were made (see agenda) by the national platforms of Senegal (CNCR, see Yoro Thioye presentation), Mali (CNOP, see Lamine Coulibaly presentation) and Benin (INRAB) on the family farms monitoring systems achieved in their countries. Such presentations highlighted that farmers’ organizations are able to develop very interesting data on family farms and related information systems. These presentations led to fruitful discussion on the best way to consolidate this process, make it more interoperable and valorize it at the sub-regional level. WAW Secretariat presented the WAW Initiative (see presentation) and provided an overview of monitoring system highlighting roles of farmers’ organizations. The last day, Friday 26,  was dedicated to an open discussion on the partnering process between FOs, public statistics services and research and innovation sector. It concluded that such partnership appear feasible and necessary. This last day was chaired by Remi Kahane, PAEPARD co-director.  


A synthesis of this Meeting  is also available on CSA website.

See more pictures of the participants:

M. Ibrahima Faye, MAER / DAPSA

M. Yoro Thioye, CNCR

M. Marek Poznanski, CSA

M. Daouda Diagne

M. Denis Olou, INRAB

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