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April 2012: WAW Stakeholders’ Consultation

WAW April 2012 Stakeholders’ Consultation

After a follow up of its successful sides events during the Committee on Food Security (CFS, 20th of October 2011) at FAO Headquarters and during the Farmers’ Forum in IFAD headquarters (23rd of February 2012), WAW Secretariat took the Initiative to launch a first international consultation of all its stakeholders in order to establish a common methodological framework (MF), shared by the “pilot Observatories”, mainly in Madagascar and Vietnam, which would enable, as a common tool,  the comparison from one country to another one facilitating to document the structural transformation of agricultural holdings.

This Stakeholders consultation was thoroughly prepared by the WAW Secretariat in order to launch an in-depth discussion on the Methodological Framework, to improve it, and to establish a road map for WAW Secretariat. This meeting put together during three days in FAO (Rome, 23-25 April 2012) more than 50 participants around an agenda prepared to enable the presentation of activities achieved by the various WAW Pilot Observatories or Partners.

You can access to the Methodological Framework presentation, which was discussed, and also consult the Synthesis Report, in English and in French.

The main outcomes of this first April 2012 Stakeholders Consultation was:

  • Expression and consolidation of interest of diverse partners
  • The preparation of a request for a Small Grant (SG) from IFAD (December 2012) to fine tune and test the methodological framework
  • Madagascar TCP facility and Vietnam TCP
  • The finalization of the WAW Global Framework for Action (GFA, January 2013)
  • The submission of a response to a call for proposals from the European Development Fund benefiting to the ACP Countries, aiming at developing  “pilot Observatories” in Madagascar and Senegal (February 2013)
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