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WAW Secretariat has selected for you key papers pertaining to (1.) structural transformations of agrarian systems, their impacts, and the best way to document them by (2.) different assessment methods, including notably typologies of agricultural holding and (3.) information systems and Observatories.

Please read this papers if you want to get better informed and do not hesitate to draw the attention of the WAW Secretariat (, if you want to highlight a specific paper on these issues.


  1. Structural agricultural transformations

Growing concerns over food security and environmental degradations have increased focus on agriculture and needed investments, which may further impact ongoing transformations. Such context has triggered polarized policy debate on the types of holding more able to answer such challenges, from family based holding vs. corporate or enterprise types ones, while a more complex continuum exist. What is at stake is notably what the structures of agriculture will be like for the next generation of farmers, and to what degree they will meet the multiple expectations of society in terms of sustainable development, notably to achieve food security, economic growth and its equitable share, poverty reduction, employment generation, environmental sustainability. Behind lies notably the debate around the place and roles of family farmers and the type of policy and investments needed to orientate sustainable transformations.

You may find below a number of papers illustrating the terms of this debate in different countries:

  1. Different methods to document agricultural transformations, including typologies of agricultural holdings
  • Hubert Cochet, 2012, The Systeme agraire concept in francophone peasants studiesGeoforum (2012) 43, 128-136 []
  • Creating a public tool to assess and promote transparency in global land deals: the experience of the Land Matrix. ANSEEUW, WARD; LAY, JANN; MESSERLI, PETER; GIGER, MARKUS; TAYLOR, MICHAEL. Journal of Peasant Studies. 2013. 40, 3, 521-530 -- [0306-6150] + [acces au document]
  1. Agricultural information systems, open data and observatories
  • A survey and analysis of the data requirements for stakeholders in African agriculture CLAPP, A.; DAUSCHMIDT, N.; MILLAR, M.; HUBBARD, D.; SHEPHERD,K. 2013. , , n.p. + [acces au document]
Last updated on November 17th, 2014