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Pilot Observatories

As recommended by the April stakeholders consultation, WAW is committed to seek to further identify and engage core partners. The figure summarizes some of the core partners engaged, and suggest in italic some additional members, which are sensitized and committed to be further involved.

A main outcome of the WAW Initiative is an agile network of observatories and technical partners sharing a common methodological framework, with increased capacities to monitor agrarian transformations, notably across farming systems and holdings, and generate corresponding knowledge to inform policy. Different countries where dynamics of observatories are ongoing are currently part of WAW, among which Vietnam and Madagascar.

These partners are called Pilot Observatories because they have specific partnership links or commitments with the WAW Secretariat delineating both their contributions to WAW (in terms of sharing of key data and expertise) as well as the added value expecting from belonging to WAW, for instance in terms of technical support, exchange with similar observatories, financial support provided or facilitated by WAW. With these two Countries, national TCP from FAO are under preparation.

Recently Burkina Faso and other Countries expressed also their interest to join the WAW Pilot Observatories. 

Pilot Observatories:

Potential Pilot Observatories: Nicaragua, Senegal, Brazil, Argentina, Ghana, etc.

Notably, the Pilot Observatories will contribute to the development of an international typology of agricultural holdings and the definition of the related core set of indicators. These activities are being contracted with them all.


By browsing the map you will get more information on ongoing activities and state of the art of joined activities partnering national institutions, WAW Secretariat, CIRAD and IFAD.

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Last updated on September 7th, 2014