structural changes in
informing policy dialogue

Our Global Framework for Action

The WAW Global Framework for Action (GFA) provides the comprehensive set of objectives, related outputs and activities to be achieved to demonstrate the full potential of WAW proposed network. It goes beyond the work to be achieved by the secretariat and includes the collaborative activities to be implemented with and by WAW partners.

Five main outputs are sought through this Global Framework for Action, with a secretariat facilitating, coordinating and valorizing different collaborative activities among partners:

1) common methodological framework and related tool box,

2) reinforced capacity of partner observatory,

3) increased knowledge on transformations based on this WAW methodology and produced by its members (notably observatory),

4) awareness and dialogue through the compilation of knowledge in collaborative information systems, the production of comparative synthesis and publications, the participation and organization of dissemination events and policy process to facilitate synergies with core initiatives,

5) effective networking assured through transparently consolidated “WAW Charter” clarifying rules and benefits of stakeholders, effective relative collaborative actions facilitating access to funding, and governance mechanisms assuring that WAW is at the service of its members.

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Key outputsOutput 1Output 2Output 3Output 4Output 5

Last updated on September 16th, 2014