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informing policy dialogue


In March 2011, in collaboration with FAO, IFAD, France and CIRAD, the World Agriculture Watch (WAW) secretariat was established in FAO as an International Initiative gathering different partners. This establishment was facilitated by an initial formal Memorandum of understanding signed between FAO and CIRAD on 11th February 2011, as well as by the secondment of two experts by France, administrative and technical support staff from FAO, as well as in kind human resource support from CIRAD. A multi-donor trust fund was opened and received initial seed fund contributions, namely from the French Ministries of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs, and from IFAD.

Following two successful awareness building events (at the Committee on Food Security in October 2011 and at the Farmers’ Forum in February 2012 on agricultural transformations and their relevance to multiple global challenges), the first WAW stakeholders' workshop (gathering scientists, agricultural specialists, and representatives of civil society), was held in April 2012.

This workshop confirmed WAW’s rationale, added value, strategy and recommended WAW to start implementation based on a modular and phased work plan organized along a common vision, revised logical framework and providing room to consolidate different partners’ collaborations. Priority was given to rapidly present illustrations of WAW added value based notably on application of its methodology over existing data set and support to pilot observatory centers.

Signing of FAO-CIRAD MoU establishing the WAW secretariat. From left to right: Pasquale  Steduto, Patrick CARON, CIRAD Assistant to the Director General in charge of scientific affairs, H.E. Bérangère QUINCY (Ambassadrice représentante permanente de la France auprès de la FAO), Alain DEREVIER French representantation to FAO, Parviz KOOHAFKAN, Director of the NRL Division (FAO), Philippe Remy (IFAD), Vincent GUITZ (FAO, HLPE Secretary).

Last updated on November 12th, 2014