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Become a WAW Partner

New WAW partners shall notably be interested and engaged in further informing policy on agricultural transformations, taking into account diversity of holdings and specific stakes of family farming. Such could notably be achieved along two main kinds of products: knowledge generation on agricultural transformations, typology of holding and policy (case studies, assessment, workshops etc.) but also strengthening of related information and monitoring system (developing observatory platform, improving data collection etc.). Such can be implemented notably at country level but can also include activities at global and regional level, notably along required methodological guidelines and international publications.

The following figure, based on the main outputs of the WAW Global Framework for Action (GFA), highlights some possible activities of joint interest between partners and WAW.

 If you are sharing common objective with WAW platform and are interested in partnering along the proposed common area of work, please contact the WAW secretariat.


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Last updated on September 7th, 2014