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  • Niger
    7 September 2015: WAW contributes to a workshop on Family farming in Niger, which has recently joined WAW

    In Niger, IFAD is supporting a large investment project called “Family Farming Development Programme, ProDAF”,  which aims to support family farming with targeted interventions. In the context of the IFAD Grant for the strengthening and expansion of the WAW Network, which involves Niger, the IFAD’s Country Program Manager for Niger asked WAW to join the team working on the development of a study on family farming in the country, particularly to incorporate WAW’s methodology on typology.  

  • Nadjirou Sall, General Secretary FONGS
    24-26 June 2015: WAW Secretariat participates to the ROPPA Workshop in Dakar on Family Farming monitoring systems in Western Africa

    Nadjirou Sall, General Secretary FONGS / Action Paysanne and ROPPA during the opening session on June 24. This workshop aimed at presenting the progress achieved in the development of a sub-regional Observatory of family farms and the various initiatives led by the national Platforms. It also aimed at assessing the possible synergies between different actors to better monitor family farming and inform policy. 

  • Agrimonde terra
    10-17 march 2015: WAW mission to Tunisia to participate to the “Agrimonde Terra” Workshop and finalize project formulation

    On the 10th- 17th of March 2015, WAW organized a mission in Tunisia. First, WAW participated to “Agrimonde Terra” workshop on the 11th and 12th of March and identified possible synergies in terms of approach. Then, various stakeholders were met and working meetings organized with FAO colleagues and the Direction of studies, statistics and agricultural development. The mission enabled the agreement of stakeholders on a detailed proposed plan of action, including recruitment of various international and national consultants.

  • Steering committee June 2014
    June 2014: WAW Steering Committee Meeting

    On the 17th of June, WAW held its Steering Committee Meeting in FAO Headquarters, chaired by Moujahed Achouri, NRL Director.  The meeting was opened and closed by Marcela Villarreal, OPC Director.

    From left to right: Jean-François Giovannetti, Marie-Aude Even, Christophe Duhamel, Moujahed Achouri, Constanza Di Nucci, Rob Vos, Marcela Villarreal, Thomas Elhaut, Pierre Fabre, Jacques Pagès.

  • October 2013 : WAW Consultation Meeting
    October 2013: WAW Consultation Meeting

    From left to right: Thomas ELHAUT (IFAD – director SSD), Maryam RAHMANIAN (Chair of the High Level Panel of Expert, CFS) and in the foreground Moujahed ACHOURI (FAO – Director NRL), Chair of the Meeting.

    WAW seized the opportunity of the presence of some WAW stakeholders during the CFS-40 to present and collect views on what was recently achieved by WAW and its Partners. The partners expressed their wishes to continue to work with the WAW Initiative…

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WAW mission in Vietnam

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